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Dry stone walling

The wall above was built on Ornö, an interesting example of dry stone walling for a number of reasons, the one reason I like the most is that all the stones for this wall were plucked from a steep embankment no more than 400m away. The wall is 16m long and 1.1m high and the entire wall was built using just 36 stones (plus a few little filler stones).

The photos on the left show the processes involved to build such a wall, tradition methods combined with the new. You may of noticed we used two separate excavators the reason being the stones were so heavy the first machine could not hold them.


The two lower photos on the left demonstrate the tradition method of splitting rock with "feathers", a row of metal wedges hammered into rock until it splits. The photo below the video is a wall which we built on Berghamnsvägen.

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