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The house above was designed and built by us. Rather than blasting the rock we built directly upon it, this offered the big advantage of incorporating a cellar into the design to accommodate the heating system and storage. This was because of the natural relief of the rock and did not affect the height of the house. We worked very closely with the customer which allowed the project to evolve organically, so when changes were made they happened before the new development affected the price or the price was fixed before hand.

The other house is ours (Mari and I) and is under construction. The project is on hold until funding can be found.

All windows, floorboards, floor beams, roof trusses (except the large curved glued beams) are made by us using the old recycled wood mentioned in the Snickeri section.

We also have built houses designed by third party architects.

The clip below is the combined daily photo of the build so far.

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