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Dry stone granite terracing and steps

Sourcing stone

One of the biggest problems when embarking on a project of this scale is sourcing the granite. In Sweden there is no dressed (shaped) stone for sale. So you have to source and select the stone yourself. Luckily I found a location on Herrön that was removing the mountain. 


Laying the stone

The granite is positioned with the aid of a stone grab fitted to the excavator.


Big stones

Some of the stones were so big and heavy my excavator could not lift them so we wobbled them in place. 


Selected stone

Using a large excavator I select the stones I want by picking up every stone and inspecting them. Once selected they are then transported to the worksite. For this project 120 tons of granite was taken from Herrön.


Bohus  granité steps

We laid 6 flights of stairs using Bohus granite. 


granite terrace complete

The terraces were built because water ran down the hill to the house. Trees will be planted to suck up the water. We also laid draining to guide excess water down to the sea

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Link to watch drone flyover

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