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       Dome house round window construction

Timber from Ansgarius Svenssen

As you can see in the background the furu is bought with a waney edge (uncut) and we dimension and plain the planks ourselves ready for the bandsaw.


Full scale template

I made a full size template by making a wooden frame covered with chipboard. I then levelled the template so I could fix the window to the template whilst gluing, knowing that the window would be perfectly flat.


The finish

Once the window was assembled each wedge was routed to accommodate the glass. Then finally given a good few coats of linseed oil.


Domino jointer

Enough pieces are prepared to make two 3m diameter circles which were then glued together. Each piece was joined together using a domino jointer.


Assembling the components

Once the two circles were formed and glued it was time to mark out and make the spokes.



When we built the house with lightweight concrete blocks we took great care to make sure the opening was precisely a 3m diameter circle. The widow has a diameter of 2.98m to allow a cm gap all around.

  • Youtube

Link to watch window being placed into house

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