Hej hej! 

My name is Phil Crowter and I came to Dalarö from Dorset, England in 2004 with Mari and our two girls. I began "The House Doctor" the following year after noticing serious disrepair with many stone walls and foundations around the village. Over the years the business has developed into all aspects of construction, architecture and design. This website is a window for you to see what we do and maybe inspire you to realise that anything is possible.

Med vänlig hälsning

Phil Crowter

Every image of work on this website has been built by us on Dalarö and Smådalarö.

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We build houses, foundations, walls, chimneys or anything you desire with all types of stone. 


If you needs plans drawn for a house, extension or any structure we can do it.

sten & kakelsättning

We build houses, kitchens, cabinets, jetties, decks....

We lay, shape and polish all stone.



Need a house to be built? We can do it.

We can also design and build more unusual things.

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